Bringing beauty experience
into digital lifestyle

Digital try-on has never been so real. Using computer vision, machine learning, neural networks and our strong expertise in makeup, we bring beauty products into the digital world. Our innovative technology guarantees that makeup products will be shown with their unique color and texture.


Our tech is based on precise digitization of real beauty products that allows us to represent the uniqueness of each shade and texture using proprietary advanced 3D rendering. Proprietary anatomic face tracking helps to apply digital makeup products perfectly while and AI driven makeup suggestion engine simplifies process of choosing right products and looks.

High precision of digital try-on
We’re digitizing exact shades and textures of many makeup products using our proprietary technology. Augmented reality allows customers to get unique true-to-life try-on experience. We perform continuous R&D to ensure we deliver the highest quality of product representation.
Excellent customer experience
Our App is designed to make the process of choosing beauty products as simple and enjoyable as possible. Our focus is on fulfilling customers needs through establishing and maintaining positive emotional connection. Our technology-driven retail solutions opens new era of makeup try-on.
Market leadership
We offer opportunity to evolve in the digital world. Discover the next step in the beauty industry. Our solutions are helping to be among the industry leaders, increase your brand value, create better customer perception and gain additional market power. Join the new world of beauty.
Optimization of Sales Process
We are dedicated to facilitating the process of purchasing beauty products with omnichannel and customer-centric approach. We offer convenient solutions that add value and exceed customer expectations.
Our solutions
We serve brands & retailers by helping them deliver a personalized experience for their customers in order to simplify their communication and increase sales.
iPads in retail stores
Expand the opportunities of shoppingin POS with inspiring AR solution for interactive one-on-one makeovers.
SDK and white label apps
Stay with your audience providingseamless shopping experiencewith mobile Apps.
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AI driven suggestions
Complete looks
Face ID
Before/after mode
Face Beautification

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